What’s special about Tea for the People?

Tea for the People produces delicious, unique, and deeply nourishing tea blends using ethically-sourced ingredients.  Our quality standards for ingredients far surpass those of most other tea producers.  Our business was started by two innovative women, both skilled in community herbalism and sustainable farming.  Our business is dedicated to the health of the land, individuals and communities.  We are working towards becoming a worker-owned cooperative, and are willing to share our methods and practices in the hope of inspiring other businesses to take the leap towards being a part of a more resilient network that helps communities thrive.  We also introduced our Tea for Change Program in 2014, and we invite you to participate in increasing our positive economic impact on local communities.

Our mission is to use ethics-based decision-making to provide highest-quality products, as well as education on topics related to our vision, including useful plants, herbalism, self-care, local economics, and social innovation, while providing a living wage to our team members and supporting sustainable herb production both locally and beyond.

Tea for the People is brought to you by the Wild Farmacy Project, which is dedicated to the participation, support and advocacy of on-the-ground action to re-localize health care.

Wild Farmacy’s vision is healthy, vibrant communities in which all individuals thrive physically, socially and economically.  We see community and individual empowerment around self-care as key elements, along with collaboration among members of many different groups, including growers and harvesters, health-care professionals and wellness practitioners, educators, and grocers.

We hope you enjoy the fruits, roots, leaves, and flowers of our labors!

Blessed Be,

~Johanna, Megan, and the Tea People Team                          IMG_0689