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Driftless Herbal Exchange Network

A NON-PROFIT ASSOCIATION by the WildFarmacy Project

Welcome to the Herb Exchange!

We specialize in hand-harvested, top quality, dry, unprocessed herbs. Our prices reflect the costs of small-scale, attentive, non-mechanized farming. The result is medicine- and nutrient-rich herbs. We think you’ll agree that there is good value in supporting small-scale, ethical growers and harvesters.

Our members share our dedication to sustainable, ecologically-friendly practices. We thoroughly train each harvester and visit most growing locations, both wild and cultivated. Several participating farms are also certified USDA Organic. DHEN’s founders are a small group of herbal and permaculture enthusiasts dedicated to building relationships that support sustainable healthcare in the Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin and beyond. Our work together is truly a labor of love, and all operations are currently administrated by volunteers working to help project participants earn a living wage.

We network community-wide to provide a wide variety of herbs to local individuals, as well as regional practitioners and other businesses. We are dedicated to helping farmers navigate growing, harvesting, drying, and marketing of medicinal-grade herbs.

Our main objective is to conscientiously care for the people and plants – from seed through drying, ensuring both quality and safety.   Then we bring the plants to you!  We would love to provide you with samples, so that you can see, taste and feel the difference of our herbs.

We welcome your comments and suggestions, as well as referrals to prospective buyers and growers.

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