Our Ingredient Sources

All of our ingredients are grown using organic methods or sustainably wildcrafted, and we buy Fair Trade whenever possible.  Approximately 85% of our ingredients are US-Grown, of which about 25% are WI-Grown by Driftless Herbal Exchange (DHEN) Participants and other farms.

Our Sister Project, the Driftless Herbal Exchange Network, is a not-for-profit association of growers, harvesters & volunteers.  Wisconsin farmers and harvesters have grown or wild-harvested and lovingly processed these medicinal-grade herbs with support from herb-wise trainers and other volunteers.  Most of these hand-harvested plant parts are dried and stored whole to retain potency.   Tea for the People also sells DHEN’s bulk dried herbs, and you can view the current price list HERE.  For information on participating in DHEN as a harvester or volunteer, please email driftlessHEN@gmail.com, or call Megan at 612-708-9904.

  Tea Pot Hand 2 percent.ai            Our Sources              Tea Pot Hand 2 percent.ai


DHEN participants, including Ella Bella Farm, Ocooch Mountain Elderberries, Yoder Family Farm, Pheasant Run Permaculture, The Farm at Namaste Lane, Canyon Homestead Coop, Whispering Winds PermaFarm, and Dancing Waters Permaculture Cooperative.

Sweet Springs Farm, Gays Mills

Sunbow Farm, Eau Claire

Fizzeology Foods, Viroqua  (Burdock from Harmony Valley Farm, Viroqua)

67898_576997508996202_185786021_n                  Herbal Polycultures at Dancing Waters PermaCoop


U.S.-Grown Herbs:

Zack Woods Herb Farm, VT

Sonoma County Herb Exchange, CA

Pacific Botanicals, OR (also sells imported herbs)


Imported Organic & Fair Trade Herbs:

Mountain Rose Herbs  (100% organic)

Rishi Tea (we buy organic items only)

Verdant Tea (coming in 2015)