About Us

t4tp-logoTea for the People – Who we are. Why what we do matters.


Owned and operated by community herbalists Johanna O’Tigham and Megan T. Pierce, Tea for the People is continually inspired by the Regenerative Culture movement.  Our mission is to share the power of the plants that we love as we contribute to re-localizing healthcare and our local economy.  It is our goal to become a worker-owned collective.

Our business is a culmination of Johanna’s passion for blending teas and Megan’s passion for growing herbs.  We started working together in 2011, but have been growing herbs to make our own tea blends for over a decade.  We are committed to developing teas that are nutrient-rich and high in the natural plant constituents our amazing plant friends are known for.   We also create custom blends for practitioners, families, and individual wellness programs – just ask!

Tea for the People is dedicated to developing and producing the highest-quality delicious and nutritious tea blends featuring herbs grown right here in the MidWest USA.  When we can’t grow an herb here (yet!), we choose the highest quality organic and Fair-trade ingredients, and we never add essential oils or processed additives to our teas.  (Plus, we sing to each batch of tea!)


In order to ensure a growing supply of local herbs, we’ve created a sister project via the Driftless Herbal Exchange Network.  DHEN’s Bulk Herb Project is designed to create a regional clearinghouse to supply medicinal-grade herbs to wellness professionals, food cooperatives, and other individuals and businesses.  DHEN works directly with each participating farmer and wild-crafter, providing them with the resources, information, and training to be able to successfully harvest and dry highest-quality herbs.

Our blends are hand-made with love in Viroqua, WI by our friends at Nami Chips.

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Herbal Polyculture                                                     Johanna & Meg with young tea drinkers