Tea for Change

Dear Herb-Wise Friend,

We invite you to participate in helping Tea for the People to have a greater positive impact on our communities and region.  You may know that buying our products supports ethical farming and living-wage jobs, but we want to take it further.

Since early 2014, sales of our Love the Land blend have generated funds to support the Crawford Stewardship Project, which works to protect the environment of Crawford County, WI and neighboring regions from threats of polluting and extractive industries, and to promote sustainable land use, environmental justice, and local control of natural resources.

Similarly, we will match each one of our blends with a community project or organization, and donate 5% of our sales to these worthy groups on an ongoing basis.  We need your help in identifying eligible projects and getting each of our teas matched up with a regional cause!

We intend to focus on community-based organizations and regional projects that work for economic, social, and environmental justice across cultural and economic boundaries.  We will be especially gratified to support those whose work impacts more than one of these areas, and is working directly to help re-localize life here in the midwest.  We love cross-pollination!  We also like the idea of working together with these folks to co-create a buzz for both parties – we can really get the word out there about one another!  That said, we are open to any suggestion.

If a favorite or interesting project or organization comes to mind, please also take a moment to review our list of teas, and give us suggestions as to which blend might be a perfect fit for them.  We also welcome your ideas for creating new custom blends to fit the feel and needs of these projects, as we hope their leaders will put some energy into promoting sales of the tea blend that is matched with their cause.

Please feel free to provide as many suggestions as you can think of.  It is not required that your suggestion be a 501(c)3.

Thanks for your support!

~ johanna, megan, lynzy, and aurora

Tea for the People